Welcome To Our Beautiful Island

Deer Isle is an enchanting place. Reachable by bridge, the Island still retains the flavor of New England life in the 1950’s: rural, neighborly, and safe.  A cluster of small communities with almost 3000 residents comprise the year-round population. Lobstering is the mainstay of the economy although the diversity of the Island’s businesses surprises everyone. Granite is still quarried here. Internationally renowned Haystack Mountain School of Crafts has brought many artists and artisans to the Island, many of whom have chosen to live here. Galleries, studios and workshops dot the island. The Stonington Opera House has achieved national recognition as a year round performing arts center. The Reach Performing Arts Center, a state-of-the-arts facility located on the high school campus at the K-8 school, is a home for theater, dance, musical performances, school-related activities and community events throughout the year.

The schools, churches and community organizations on the Island play central roles in bringing the community together throughout the year. Public suppers, festivals, craft fairs, boat races, and school sports events all contribute to a strong sense of community and island pride.

A wide variety of accommodations are available: inns & motels, b&b’s, rental cottages, and campgrounds. Restaurants, coffee bars, antique shops, gift shops, book stores, libraries, and galleries/studios all offer a rich selection of places to visit. The Island Heritage Trust and the Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society provide glimpses into the history of the ancient people who first inhabited the Island and of the first white settlers.

Deer Isle is a paradise for photographers, birders, kayakers, sailors, painters, naturalists, and anyone who loves the outdoors. We are fortunate to have more than twelve very diverse nature conservancies, many donated by generous residents. Several other conservancies are located on neighboring islands, including Acadia National Park land on Isle au Haut. The mixture of spruce-covered islands, quiet coves, granite outcroppings, fields of wildflowers, lobster boats, windjammers, glistening waters and pristine winter snow make a visit to Deer Isle, at any time of year, an enchanting experience.

Welcome & Information Center

Welcome & Information Center

Stop by and visit the Deer Isle – Stonington Welcome & Information Center. It is located on Little Deer Isle about 1/4 mile after crossing the bridge.

The Center is staffed by volunteers from mid-May until mid-October from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. daily. Pick up maps, Island Guides, business brochures and helpful suggestions from the staff.