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IMPACT, June 1, 2017 Edition

* Letter to the Editor: Maine should heed Connecticut lesson on tax surcharge
* Close House vote for local option tax bill
* House approves tax haven legislation along party lines

IMPACT, May 25, 2017 Edition

* Tax increase places Maine at both a regional and national disadvantage in recruiting and retaining professionals the state needs
* Senate rejects paid sick leave bill
* Regulate to expand broadband while guarding privacy

IMPACT, May 18, 2017 Edition

* Maine State Chamber hosts Business Day at the Statehouse
* Proposal seeks to limit types of businesses that qualify for tax increment financing
* President’s Message: “Surtax threatens the state’s economic stability and predictability.”

IMPACT, May 11, 2017 Edition

LCRED committee votes to reinstate tip credit
* Tax Update: Taxation committee reports out proposals on local option tax, 3% surcharge for education funding, and municipal assessing
* LCRED acts on other minimum wage bills