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ME State Chamber of Commerce: Legislative Week Ahead 2/27-3/3

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A new episode of our Legislative Week Ahead is now posted online at  This video snapshot of our most critical legislative issues provides our members with a weekly video forecast of the wide variety of issues facing lawmakers in Augusta during the upcoming week. Our Advocacy team breaks down the issues and what they mean to your business.

February 28, 2017: With half the expected bills (700 approx.) printed, we expect that there will be lots of public hearings in the next seven weeks.

  • Joint Select Committee on Marijuana Legalization Implementation meets this week to give the public an opportunity to express concerns and questions. The committee is committed to making a law that is workable for law enforcement, individuals, and employers.
  • This week in Taxation, the committee heard LD 311, An Act To Eliminate Corporate Welfare and Provide Tax Relief, sponsored by Sen. Eric Brakey. We opposed this concept draft because it trades one tax for another and doesn’t lower the overall tax burden. In the coming weeks, the committee will also begin to review the tax provisions in the budget.
  • It’s a busy week in Natural Resources this week. The committee is looking at chemicals regulations and flame retardants. They held a work session recently to discuss adding a 15-cent returnable fees on “nips” bottles. The banning of plastic bags is also being worked in committee this week. Also, there are three hearings this week on product stewardship law, dealing with rugs, batteries, and mattresses.
  • In the Education committee, a bill to repeal the guiding principles in the education standards received its public hearing yesterday. On Friday, the k-12 budget will be reviewed with the Appropriations committee; of note, pre-k/early childhood education funding is eliminated in the budget proposal.
  • The supplemental budget has been approved, giving legislators plenty of room to focus on the biennial budget.

New episodes are posted weekly during the legislative session. View the Legislative Week Ahead by clicking the link above, or see past videos by visiting the Legislative Week Ahead Archive online at