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Maine Tourism Association Action Alert: Lodging Tax Increase Proposal


A few weeks ago, the Governor presented his final biennial budget proposal to lawmakers and the public. At that time, we outlined a few of his initiatives that will have a direct impact on Maine’s tourism industry and its business owners.

Part E of the budget proposal addresses increasing the lodging tax to 10 percent. This is an eleven percent increase from its current rate of 9 percent and the third such hike in the lodging tax in four years.

On Friday, February 10th, the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee and the Taxation Committee will be holding public hearings on the lodging tax increase proposal.

The Maine Tourism Association plans on testifying in opposition to the lodging tax increase. For the past four years, the tourism industry has been burdened with helping balance the state’s budget through increased taxes. Hiking the lodging tax rate every two years is not sustainable for the business owners who operate overnight accommodations and campground facilities.

It is imperative that the Appropriations Committee and your local lawmakers hear from YOU and the impact increasing the lodging tax will have on your business.

Click here to contact your lawmakers and help us fight the lodging tax increase!

If this tax increase were to happen, Maine would have the third highest lodging tax in the nation and would be higher than Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont – the three markets Maine competes with for travelers. We will be at a competitive disadvantage of attracting new visitors to our state.

Thank you for taking action and contacting your legislators about this issue. You are also able to send messages via Facebook and Twitter.

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