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Joint Public Hearings, The Governor’s Biennial Budget

Information provided by House District 134 Representative Walter A. Kumiega III, (D-Deer Isle),, facebook:

February 21st through February 24th

Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs

Committee on Health and Human Services

Detailed schedule of the hearings here.

For members of the public wishing to provide oral testimony:

· Plan your testimony to be 3 minutes or less – your written submittal can be as long as you want.

· If you want to give the committees any written materials, submit 40 copies to the committee clerk for distribution.

· Written testimony or back-up materials should include your name.

· Fill in the sign-up sheet. The sheets will be located either at a table in the hallway outside of the committee room or at the clerk’s desk inside the committee room.

· There will be two separate hearing blocks and sign-up sheets on Tuesday and Thursday – one for 10:00 am block and one for the1:00 pm block. Sign-ups for the morning block will begin at 9:00 am and sign-ups for the afternoon block will begin at 12 noon.

· Wednesday and Friday contain one hearing block Sign-ups will begin at 9:00 am on those days.

· Please print your name on the sheet as neatly as possible. This makes it easier for the Chairs to pronounce your name and easier to know when your name is being called.

· If you are speaking on behalf of a group of people who wish to stand at the podium with you, please note the number after your name (e.g. Jane Doe (3))

· The Welcome Center has been reserved for “overflow” each day. If there are no empty chairs in the AFA committee room you will be asked to wait there and listen to the proceedings until your name is called or seating opens up.

· When it’s approaching your time to speak, the Chairs will call your name (they will periodically announce the next few speakers as well). Please note that the Chairs may, at their discretion, call a name out of order to ensure that they have heard testimony all of the topics within a hearing block noted on the sign-up sheets or to accommodate special needs. If your name was called out of order and you were not able to respond, it will be re-called in its normal sequence.

· When it’s your turn to speak give the committee clerk any written materials you want distributed. The clerk will be to your right as you face the committee.