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IMPACT, May 11, 2017 Edition

You will find the MAY 11, 2017, edition of the Maine State Chamber’s newsletter, IMPACT, posted online as a PDF file at our improved and enhanced website,

*   LCRED committee votes to reinstate tip credit
*  Tax Update: Taxation committee reports out proposals on local option tax, 3% surcharge for education funding, and municipal assessing
*  LCRED acts on other minimum wage bills
*  Maine State Chamber encourages committee to “stay the course” on proficiency-based learning, upgraded Maine Learning Results, and aligned standards
*  Taxation committee defeats bill to create excise tax on wind power
*  Keep Maine Competitive: Encourage your Legislator to repeal the 3% surtax
*  Nominations sought for Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards
*  Public Hearings of Interest:
*  New Legislation of Interest:
*  2017 Regional Business Breakfast Meetings