Buy Local - Hire Local

The Chamber of Commerce proudly sponsors a two-pronged campaign, BuyLocal and HireLocal, designed to help strengthen and maintain Island businesses and craftsmen, sustain local economic self-reliance and community self determination. Think local, be local, buy local! Learn more about the benefits of membership.

View our entire Buy Local/Hire Local story aired on Channel 2 News or click the ‘play’ button on the video player below to view the video.

Facts We All Need to Know

  1. For every $100 spent at a locally owned Island business, $45 stays on the Island sustaining jobs. That money also helps expand the town’s tax base, in turn lowering individual taxes. For every $100 spent off-island, only $14 remains in our community.
  2. Locally owned businesses create more jobs, offer better wages, offer more flexibility to employees and more benefits than national chains offer.
  3. Locally owned businesses will bring in specific products if you ask for them. Would Walmart stock something just for you?
  4. Locally owned businesses donate more money to Island charities, organizations, churches and the schools than national chains do. Local business owners are more accessible than executives in large corporations.
  5. Local businesses pay taxes, use local banks, local contractors, and shop with other Island businesses. The owners know you, they’re your neighbors.
  6. It’s 80 miles roundtrip to Ellsworth, 125 miles round trip to Bangor. You help our planet by using less petroleum products and creating less gas emission by shopping on Island.
  7. Successful local business owners can provide real-life inspiration to local students and young people proving they can stay in Maine and prosper on this Island.

And if we DON’T shop locally? The stores, restaurants, craftsmen, drugstore we depend on for convenience, could slowly disappear. Think about it. Buying local, hiring local is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead